My name is Nicholas Kory, and I'm a writer.

And a game designer. And a blogger. And an actor. In fact, to limit my creative drive with such focused labels feels almost like an injustice.

I'm a 30-something husband and father from central Minnesota. Creatively, my life feels like it's just starting, although I have been expressing myself since a very young age (most often with dinosaurs, in some way). I graduated from high school in 2006 and promptly took a year off of school to do some soul searching and to learn who I really was. Fast forward to today, and I think I have a decent idea of what it means to be Nicholas Kory. I finally have completed my AA degree through the local community college, worked over a decade in customer service and communication, acted on the stage in a handful of community theater productions, and done my share of freelance writing, independent game design, and explored other varying interests.

I am continually creating stories, games, and creative content, all of which I am excited to share with the world. Continue to check this site for more information on all of my endeavors. And as always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or criticisms, feel free to contact me directly by emailing nicholaskory@gmail.com, or by using the Contact section of the menu on the left. I will respond to every message, and all feedback is greatly appreciated!