Changing Course and Setting Sail

No video post this week. Instead you're getting an additional written post, you lucky blog-reader, you!

So if you've read last Friday's post, you'll know that I've been facing some difficulty with continuing The Visitors - Season One. My foray into the science-fiction/suspense field of writing was met with wide eyes and high expectations, but after about three chapters into it, only one phrase entered my mind.

I over committed.

I love science fiction. And I love suspense. And this is a story I want to tell. Yet the further and further I got into telling it, the more and more I felt that this wasn't the right time. The excitement of starting a new story was swiftly giving way to the thoughts that I didn't have the necessary longevity to write this story right now. At another time I'm sure I'll be able to start and finish it with renewed gusto, yet now... it didn't seem so.

And so I decided to do what I probably should have done a week ago, but didn't have the gall to do it. I changed stories, putting The Visitors on the shelf for now and instead opening up the old, leather-bound tome that was the collection of stories surrounding my beloved, if only known to me, character, Dloin Stonehammer.

Dloin Stonehammer, as mentioned in some of my MMO Monday posts, is a video-game and fantasy-fiction dwarf that I have been exploring and developing for the better part of the last fifteen years. He has a long, storied past that encompasses many experiences and encountered many other characters. His most prominent endeavors took place in the MMO World of Warcraft (which you can read about in the WoW post in my MMO Monday series, to be released in the next two weeks), and it was those adventures and experiences I sought to recapture in the story I am choosing to write.

A blend of science-fiction and fantasy, this new story is titled (so far, since I change titles all the time) Astral Tides, and it features a main character who is a human space pirate leading a crew of ragtag vagabonds and opportunists as they make their way through the stars. It is a story I've been excited to write since I came up with it back in this last summer, and I have been making great progress putting fingers to the keyboard in just the last two days.

Hopefully the gleam of a new series doesn't wear off in a week or two, like it did with The Visitors. Although I don't foresee that happening with Astral Tides.

Also, it should be noted that The Visitors isn't a story to be forgotten about. I will be releasing it as a free PDF or ePUB download for those on the Kory Stories Mailing List (at least the first episode of it). Want to get your digital hands on this special, limited episode? Subscribe to the mailing list and keep an eye out for the link in the next few days!