Cybersaurus - Season One Author's Note

Writing Cybersaurus: The Awakening was an experience unlike any other I’ve had. It began as a simple idea, a seed planted by a few podcasts I tune into on a weekly basis. Over weeks, that seed sprouted into a resolution — to write the story that I wanted to write.

My last foray into novel-length fiction had been eight years earlier, when I wrote Elephants in the Living Room. My drama-comedy about a high schooler dealing with the road ahead of him, it was a funny and heartwarming story that didn’t do anything different. It was exactly as advertised, delivering a story about love, loss, growing up and family issues. I was proud of it, but it never felt like a story I wanted to write. It always felt like the story I wrote for others. At the risk of being selfish, I decided to set out and tackle a story that appealed to me on every level. And so — in a manner that is very unlike my norm — I distilled this desire down to a subject and a setting.

I want a dinosaur. I want it in the future.

Quite the disparate parts, but each one spoke to both the adult me and the inner child that I was learning to listen to. Dinosaurs are great, but the ability to tell a written story about dinosaurs in their natural environment is limited. Doable, certainly, but limited. I was afraid it would fall too close to the children’s genre of storytelling, something I would likely try to rectify by adding in excessive gore, which would only confuse it for marketing purposes.

Dinosaurs in the present had been done plenty of times, primarily with Jurassic Park (which, when looking at my creativity, is the single most influential piece of entertainment I have ever encountered, partly because of my age when it originally released in theaters, and partly because of my unending infatuation with the prehistoric). Dinosaurs in the future, while had been present at one time or another, never really resonated with me in the long-term. There were a few fun comic books, an old television series that was terribly animated by featured a tyrannosaurus rex in a leather jacket, and maybe some video games. To my knowledge, all of these approached dinosaurs from the ‘look at how badass they are’ stance, instead of the ‘what compelling story surrounds their existence in this time’ frame of mind.

Originally, in early versions of Cybersaurus, it was very much Stanley’s story. It was told in first person, it was treated as more of a Saturday-morning cartoon, and it was to be centered around this cybernetically-enhanced tyrannosaur that was locked in an eternal struggle against a mad scientist (at that time called Dr. Temporium). I was hamming it up, undoubtedly, but at the time I was okay with that.

Until I started to write the outline for the first episode, and I quickly realized that a story about a silent dinosaur, with no human element, wasn’t a good way to hook readers (that early in the story’s conception, the dinosaur was just referred to as ‘Cybersaurus’, and there was no human mind inhabiting the body, or anything of the sort). I toyed around the idea of a man’s mind caught in the body of a dinosaur, and finally decided this story needs to exist around the dinosaur, rather than on the dinosaur. The actions and events of the people in close proximity to the animal, as well as how that animal reacts to the world around it, should be the focus. And so Regina Santos was born and the story changed focus almost entirely.

I wrote the first episode rather quickly, and pushed it through multiple edits and revisions before I landed on the version I was happy with. I sent it to my girlfriend/content editor (thanks Laura!) and received her feedback, which was all positive with plenty of speculation about where it was going in future episodes. She helped me shape the season itself as a whole, and she opened my eyes to things I wouldn’t have otherwise looked at or considered. She gave me the input of a woman’s perspective for certain key scenes throughout the season, and one by one, she helped me craft the episodes as the weeks rolled on.

And now, the first season is finished. I couldn’t be happier with Cybersaurus: The Awakening, and despite my choice to work on another series immediately after, my excitement for Cybersaurus - Season Two: Revolution is incredibly high, and will only rise. The new setting is intriguing, as are my plans to expand on how the world reacts to the events of the first season. That, and the mere fact that now I have a dinosaur in future-space is enough to keep that inner child in me happy for a long time.

However, none of this would be possible without the feedback I have received so far, and I am always in want of more. I’ve written this story for me, true, but it is also for those like me who enjoy a compelling, engaging, and fun science-fiction story. Thank you for purchasing and reading this book, your support goes a long way. I ask you to make it go a little further by rating and reviewing this book on the site from which you purchased it.

As always, I love reading your emails, and I will personally respond to each and every one as soon as I am able to do so. The easiest way to reach me is to send an email to nicholaskory@gmail.com. I also encourage you to head to my website, nicholaskory.squarespace.com, and if you enjoyed what you read in this book, please subscribe to my mailing list under the ‘Join the Readers’ tab. Those on the mailing list get all the special discounts, previews and news about all of my work.

I hope you are just as excited as me to see where Stanley, Regina, Eddie, and everyone else are going in Season Two, which you can look for in 2015.