Future Content & Feedback

Hey readers! I had a video ready to go up today, but for some reason I've been having issues getting that video to upload properly, so I'll stick to what I do best - writing.

At least I think that's what I still do best.

For those of you who read last week's blog post, you'll know that recently I've run into the double-edged sword that is becoming a better writer. I won't go into great detail, but on the one hand, it means that I feel more confident in my ability to craft evocative and inspiring tales with memorable characters. On the other hand, it means that the drive I once had for my current projects, including Astral Tides, has been all but killed. While I am still writing almost every day, I am having a much more difficult time hitting my word counts, simply because I feel less satisfied with the story than I did a few months ago.

That's not to say the story has taken a sour turn. On the contrary, it continues to ramp up in action and mystery as we progress through the second of three parts. No, this strange feeling of dissatisfaction only stems from the fact that I feel I am capable of writing better stories than that which I have already started.

But that was last week's topic, not this week's. The point is that in my lack of progress, my brain can't help but jump to other ideas, as much as I try to reign it in and focus on something it doesn't want to focus on. And so I began thinking about future Kory Stories content, and more specifically, how to release it.

How could I ever be distracted?

How could I ever be distracted?

Earlier this year, some time in February or March, I believe, I had the idea to do a special serial release and make it exclusive to my mailing list, at least for the first few months or so. I thought about doing daily releases of 4-5k word chapters, or episodes, Monday through Friday for two weeks, so that by the end of the two weeks I'd have roughly a 50k word short novel of a story. The subscribers would be able to read each installment as it released each day, as well as get the final ePub or PDF for free when it was all released. A few months after that, it would go up on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords and my own Fiction Store for $2.99.

My plan was to do this for six or eight weeks in a row, to effectively have three or four short novels published and released in a short amount of time. Increase the content I have available, make it super special to subscribers, and then publish it across more venues later. It would give me the opportunity to explore more story types (SciFi, suspense, horror, fantasy, etc.) as well as fill up the Fiction Store catalog some. But I scrapped that idea in favor of finishing Astral Tides: Rimward.

However, this idea has come back to me, and now I am considering it for after I finish Astral Tides: The Shadows of Uhmakhet. All content released in such a way would be totally free to all mailing list subscribers until it gets published on external sites, then it would be available to everybody for one uniform price point.

But my question to you is: does this sound interesting to you? Would you, as a subscriber, like to see shorter, daily releases from Kory Stories that compile into longer works? And if you're not a subscriber, would this make you consider subscribing, if the content is something you'd be interested in reading? Or do you think I should just stick to the stories I have already started (Cybersaurus and Astral Tides)?

I am looking for any and all feedback you may have, so please comment below! If you prefer a more direct method, please use the Contact form from the main menu on the left, or feel free to email me directly at nicholaskory@gmail.com.

Regardless of what I decide, I will be finishing Astral Tides 2 first, and not taking on any other projects until that is entirely finished. But I always like to know what my readers are interested in seeing!