2016 Plans and Goals

Horror is hard.

Specifically, writing horror is hard.

More specifically, writing horror for longer than 2,000 words is hard.

It's not my forte. It's a struggle and I end up spinning my wheels more than I actually get any work done. Am I making excuses? Probably. But I haven't wracked my brain so hard for so little return with any of my other books before.

Granted, there aren't many to choose from, but still.

The point of this is that, at some point I have to decide when I've spent too long writing, rewriting, and re-rewriting story ideas and incomplete outlines, and actually turn my attention to plots and genres that I can tackle. Horror is in my future, I know it. Just not yet.

And so here I am making plans for 2016, setting goals for my writing career. My original thought was "I could probably do about seven to nine books this year!" And then reality slapped me in the face almost immediately after, and I thought "it's better to commit low and over-deliver than to over-commit and disappoint".

In 2014 I wrote and published one book, Cybersaurus: The Awakening. In 2015 I wrote and published two books, Astral Tides: Rimward and Astral Tides: The Shadows of Uhmakhet. My goal for 2016 is to write and publish three books; Supremacy, Cybersaurus 2: Revolution, and a third, as-of-yet undecided book.

Not only that, but I am setting up my work schedule for these books now, so that as soon as January 1st hits, I'm ready to hit the ground running and start checking tasks off my list.

If everything goes according to plan, my work schedule in 2016 should be...

  • January - Write the story beats for all three books (planning between 50k and 70k words per book).
  • February - Revisit the story beats for all three books and finalize story plans, especially for Supremacy (as it will be my first project).
  • March - Write Supremacy, averaging between 1.5k and 3k words a day.
  • April - Take the month off, as little Kory will be entering the world!
  • May - Write Cybersaurus 2: Revolution, averaging between 2k and 4k words a day.
  • June - Write my third book, with similar words goals.
  • July - Edit and revise Supremacy.
  • August - Edit and revise Cybersaurus 2.
  • September - Edit and revise book three.
  • October - Release Supremacy.
  • November - Release Cybersaurus 2.
  • December - Release book three.

These goals are spaced just enough to allow for a speedy work schedule, as well as high chances for completion. Note that these goals are not quite final, and are subject to chance (especially as we get closer to baby Kory's due date). However, the overall goal of writing and releasing three books in 2016 still stands.

What do you think of these goals? Which book are you more excited to see? Let me know in the comments!