Set Sail Across the Stars

A lot has been going on in this author's life lately. My latest, and probably my best, theater experience is coming to a close, my newest book is entering post production soon, and to top it all off, my girlfriend and I just got engaged.


Pretty crazy stuff. I am looking forward to everything that is coming later this year, in all aspects of my life, but with the engagement and beginning of wedding plans, it has caused some things to fall a bit more into perspective.

Neither my fiance nor myself are particularly made of money. We plan for a simple, low-cost wedding, as comfortable and easy as we can manage. But even still, it will cost money, on top of every other aspect of my life, including my writing. And so it has made me look at where I am putting my money, and to reevaluate how it is being distributed.

I know that as a writer, you need a solid book cover. I know that if your book cover is sub-par, it will just get passed over as people scroll through Amazon's huge list of titles. I know that you need to invest in your cover image or else you're doing your story a disservice.

But, quite simply, I cannot afford to right now.

I have the cover for Cybersaurus Season 2 already commissioned and being drawn up, so at least that one will look as good as Season 1. Astral Tides, however, is forced to follow the stock-image road, as provided by Amazon. I think I've done about the best I can, all things considered, but, as I've learned, this early on in your writing career, it is more important to build a large library than to get plenty of sales. Let it fall low on the selling list for now, and later, when I can better afford it, I will redo it's cover to a more professional, and fitting, level and hopefully regain any sales I may have lost in the mean time.

However, if you're interested, the book description and cover are available HERE, and you can preorder your digital copy HERE.

Regardless, though, I couldn't be happier with where my career, and life are heading, and I have all of you, my faithful readers and blog viewers, to thank for that!