Cybersaurus, Astral Tides, & the Future


Serial #2 is finished. The final stages of editing are well underway, the early review is in from my biggest fan (yes, my fiance counts as my biggest fan), and overall I am very happy with the story that Rimward tells, a story of a crew of pirates and their mishaps, misadventures, and mysterious endeavors in the great black expanse of outer space.

Astral Tides: Rimward - Episode One releases on Tuesday, May 5th, and each episode following will release exactly one week after, culminating in Episode Six released on Tuesday, June 9th. The complete season, in both digital and paperback formats, will release on Tuesday, June 16th. Following standard Kory Stories procedure, each episode will release at $0.99, with the full season at $4.99 for the digital copy, and $10.99 for the physical copy.

Both Cybersaurus and Astral Tides were exciting and engaging stories that I couldn't wait to tell, to scribe them down on paper from their nebulous, shifting existence inside my mind. Both are layered and large, with depth reaching far beyond the words on the page, and with bold promises of future adventures with cybernetic dinosaurs and alien pirates. I love them both, and they are near and dear to me, but my next two books are already in the works and I am ready to move on from Captain Daltir Stone and turn my sights onto something wholly different from anything I've done before.

Remember The Visitors? My subscribers may recognize the name as a science-fiction horror story I started to tell late in 2014, but abandoned to work on Astral Tides instead. Well, I haven't forgotten about that particular thread of ideas, nor I am willing to let it sit as a collection of chapters available only to those who have subscribed to my mailing list (which you can do by clicking HERE). I want to revisit The Visitors, but not following the life of Gordon in post-alien-visitation Pacific-Northwest. I love the idea of a world just over the horizon that was once familiar, but I won't want to go about it the same way as I tried last year. That method was too much like Roadside Picnic, too much like The Last of Us, and not enough of my own creation.

And then, a short time ago, an idea struck me while at work that I knew, immediately, that I had to explore to its fullest. It sprung up into my mind like an unexpected spray of water to the face, and left me similarly stunned, blinking my eyes and trying to discern exactly what had just hit me.

And so, starting this summer, I will revisit the story of The Visitors, but under a very different setting, circumstances, and tone. It will bear all the suspense and chills of the original attempt, but convey them in a way that I hope will entice new readers, and resonate with the audience, even more than before.

But notice how I said I'll be starting it in the summer? What about before then? It's only mid-April, and if I start writing this new Visitors story in July, what until then? Well, let's just say I want to focus on a smaller story, something charming, simple, and easy to write and share. It will release as a ten-week mini-serial (roughly 5,000 words an episode), it will only be available to subscribers, and what's more, it will be absolutely FREE! Eventually this smaller novel will make its way to the Fiction Store, to Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo and Google like all the rest, and cost a modest price, but for almost two months, it will be something that only those who have subscribed to my reading list can enjoy.

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I am excited for everything on my plate in 2015, and I hope to continue to bring you all the very best stories I can craft.