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Back in the Saddle

It seems I am destined to question myself.

A few months ago, as I was over the halfway point of Astral Tides: The Shadows of Uhmakhet, I started to have doubts and concerns with my ability, creativity, and drive as a writer. I took some time off of writing, focused on other endeavors, and winter turned into spring, 2016 came into its own, and, most important of all, my wife's due date swiftly approached.

Now we're less than two weeks away from what I have been affectionately referring to as Babyfall 2016 (despite my wife's frustrated protests which claim that title makes no sense), and as we consider our careers, income, costs, and maternal/paternal leave over the course of the coming summer, I came to a realization:

I not only want to get back to writing, I NEED to get back to writing.

My life is on the cusp of changing almost 100%. I understood it before, but it didn't really hit me until my wife and I began discussing where we are currently working versus where we would like to work versus what our options actually are. It really started to sink in with me then and there that, regardless of what I am doing to earn a steady paycheck, I need to be writing alongside that.

And so I started putting plans into motion to do just that. I have a new story outlined and ready to go, waiting for me to start penning the first chapter. It's much shorter than my previous works, but right now I just want to get a full story out and done before I start work on a full-length novel again. I need to get the juices flowing, need to start aiming for a set schedule again, and need to get content out.

If there's anything I've learned about myself in the last few months, it's that I need to have secondary or tertiary projects in the works. My RPG game development, which you can watch progress through my RPG Design videos, will be one of those, and my Extra-Life Fundraiser will be another, along with countless other creative exercises and story beats I have rolling around in my head at any given moment.

In order to avoid over-comitting, which I am known to do, I won't disclose exactly what I am working on for a story. You will see it when it releases. Just know that my goal for 2016 is to work on both new projects and previously-created series.

As always, if you have any input, any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to let me know! I am nothing if not willing to hear your thoughts!