Book Launch & Sales: The Small Victories

Thursday, May 26 marked the launch of my first novella BEHIND THE LOCKED DOOR, which is also the first title in my horror imprint the Dreadful series. The novella was around 20k words, and so I only charged $0.99 for its purchase. With such a low price point and low word count, this seemed to be my easiest point of entry for new readers, despite it being a psychological horror story. So I did something I've never done before.

I asked people to buy it.

That's not to say that I posted about it on Facebook and waited for people to pick it up. Rather, I specifically tagged 100 friends who I thought would either purchase it themselves or tell someone else about it. I asked these 100 people to donate $1 to my success and get a cool novella in the process.

The results, while not astronomical, were worth it. I ended up with 27 pre-order of BEHIND THE LOCKED DOOR and another 30 sales spread across the next few days.

It isn't enough to make a living, but it's my most successful book launch so far. And, my first book to turn a profit.

I haven't sold triple digits of my newest book. I haven't made any bestsellers lists or have hundreds of five star reviews. But what I do have is the knowledge that the people I know and lovewill support me if I just have the courage to ask.

The release and success of this book is, in my opinion, a large small victory.