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The Campaign Chronicle: Savage WARS - Session One

The Campaign Chronicle is a regular blog series in which I publish my notes, thoughts, and plans for my tabletop role-playing games for which I am game mastering. These feature world-building notes, recaps of game sessions, and notes to keep in mind for future sessions. Enjoy!

This post will cover the first actual play session, in which the players received their work from the Gambler and embark on the quest of learning about their employer, their target, and each other.

The Mumon Rift WARS

Session One - 12.20.2016

Meeting the Gambler

The entire first portion of the scenario went well, despite it being just a big info-dump for the players. But as most of them were 100% unfamiliar with the setting, I wanted to give them a good introduction to the world, and more importantly to their employer, the Gambler. Generally I try to avoid such info-dumpy introductions, but in this case it seemed to work, and the Gambler strikes me as the kind of character to wax on about his schemes, even if only part of those schemes are made known to his underlings.

While the Gambler went on about how he had earned respect and reputation (a la Niska from Firefly), one of his lieutenants, Undermine, began his mental manipulation of the PCs as they stood and listened. Undermind did his thing, both learning about the PCs' past, and subtly influencing their futures, in a way as to ensure their adherence to the Gambler's employ.

After he said his piece, the PCs were brought to their ship for this job, the Rugged Empty, and its current pilot - the Maverick known as Joker Daniko.

First Interlude - On the Rugged Empty

On board the Rugged Empty we had our first interlude - a subsystem of RP used by the Savage Worlds system. Sean, playing Suematsu Haru, shared a bit about his past as he schooled Herbert in chess of the 25th century.

While exploring the ship, the PCs also had some mild discussion with Joker, who was less-inviting than some had hoped. And while everyone claimed their bunks and explored the cargo holds, Slipheed, played by Justin, procured some goods of his own from various parts of the ship.

They reached the asteroid of Ceres within 2 days, and Slipheed took over piloting from Joker to bring it in for a shaky landing. Out on the public docks, the group was offered a shady deal for 'insurance' on their ship from the local Regulators - a gang hired to help keep the peace on Ceres. The encounter almost came to blows, but Haru was able to keep it civil (despite his comrades' desire for violence), and the group made their way to the most popular bar and casino in the solar system - The Rats' Nest.

The Rats' Nest

The Rats' Nest provided many opportunities for all PCs to explore how their characters handled the search for Trigger. Some, like Haru and Herbert, searched for people in the bar likely to know something, or likely to share information. Some, like Slipheed and Samson, looked for a way to satisfy their own desires. And the remaining, Riggs, just sought to make a scene.

Haru learned from a drunkard that Trigger had been brought into the Rats' Nest back room more than once for whatever reason. Herbert learned from an old acquaintance that Trigger was last seen in the Rats' Nest nearly a week ago. Slipheed earned some credits after he revealed a cheating dealer. Samson failed to woo a Maverick woman into giving him her contact info. And Riggs pushed around others until it came to shove, at which point the group removed themselves from the bar entirely and decided to check out Trigger's apartment.

As they entered the "streets" of the Ceres station, they encountered a smug group of Regulators again, traveling with what the group assumed were ship parts. Riggs made to take the parts, and a fight broke out, thus ending our first session.

Final Thoughts

Productive, on-track (for the most part), but it still felt like some characters were commanding more attention than others. Haru, being played by the one person who knew the universe, was obviously a front-runner, and Samson, being a heavy social character, commanded a lot of attention with his failed attempts at seduction. I made a note to engage Riggs and Herbert more in future scenarios, but overall I marked Session 1 as a win.