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The Campaign Chronicle: Savage WARS - Pre-Session Three

The Campaign Chronicle is a regular blog series in which I publish my notes, thoughts, and plans for my tabletop role-playing games for which I am game mastering. These feature world-building notes, recaps of game sessions, and notes to keep in mind for future sessions. Enjoy!

This post will look at the changes I made and the notes I took between sessions two and three.

The Mumon Rift WARS

Pre-Session Three Notes

Session Three was set up to be combat encounter heavy, as since the PCs were closing in on the mystery with Trigger, I wanted to up the action a bit, both in a story-related and also in a non-story related manner. Also, I wanted to engage our medic a bit more, and decided it would be good to provide a broken medical bot encounter, to give him something a bit more interesting than just combat. And it would be pretty easy to link the medical bot to the main story, so the session would go Story Encounter, Side-Story Combat Encounter, and then Story Combat Encounter. A good variety.

Malfunctioning Medical Bot

What the PCs will find: A medical bot with visible damage is ineffectively trying to resuscitate a dead Gongen soldier. The medical bot has a collection of medical supplies and tools, but is unwilling to part with them, as its primary task (returning the Gongen to full health) isn't complete.

What's the full story: The medical bot was walking the halls up in the public parts of the Ceres installation when it bore witness to the murder of a Gongen soldier at the hands of other Gongen. The killed soldier was pitched down a maintenance shaft, where he fell ten stories to his death in the maintenance tunnels below. Wanting to silence the witness, the murderers also overpowered the bot and sent it tumbling down behind the victim.

The bot landed on the Gongen soldier, but sustained heavy damage to its processing and perception. It regarded the Gongen soldier as an injured, incapacitated individual rather than a murder victim, and began attempting resuscitation.

The murderers are, in fact, a pair of Gongen soldiers who were dispatched by the same people who captured Trigger, and the dead Gongen is one of Trigger's informants, being killed for leaking vital information.

The players can attempt to reason with the bot, which will be nearly impossible due to the damaged processors. They can attempt to repair the bot, but it will not allow repairs unless it is made aware of its own damage. Or they could just try and take the supplies from the bot, either through force or thievery. Of they could do something else entirely (and being PCs, they probably will).

Accord Pirates

Pirates: d6 in each Attribute, 2d8 weapon, armor 2 (total CR 5). Seven pirates total, for a total of CR 35.

From the encounter with the medical bot, the PCs will be roused by the sound of gunfire echoing throughout the maintenance tunnels, and will come across a group of Accord Pirates who shot and killed a pair of Gongen soldiers (the same pair that killed the dead Gongen and damaged the med bot, only hours earlier). The Accord Pirates will represent attack-on-sight threats, seeing the PCs as more victims who wandered into their turf. These pirates are not connected to the greater plot in any way other than that they killed two of the captors holding Trigger.

Tanumari Okuri & The Deigan Soldiers

Deigan Soldiers: d6 in each Attribute, d8 in Agility, 2d6+2 weapon, armor 3, Sweep, Nerves of Steel (total CR 6). Six soldiers total, for a total CR of 36.

Tanumari Okuri: d6 in each Attribute, d8 in Agility and Strength, 1d8+1d6+2 weapon, armor 4, Sweep, Nerves of Steel, Wild Card, (total CR 14). Full encounter with total CR 50.

Also drawn by the sound of gunfire, a group of Deigan Soldiers will arrive and question the PCs on their involvement with the dead Gongen. Assuming the PCs can win the trust of the Deigan (or convince them that the party isn't antagonistic), they'll bring the PCs to meet with their leader, Tanumari Okuri. Okuri will be a very difficult nut to crack, as she starts uncooperative with the players, and one bad social test could turn her into an enemy. Plus, as someone who is fine resorting to murder to prevent leaked information, she won't hesitate to attack the players the minute she regards them as anything less than allies of Gongen. As the bookend for this entire Scenario, she should be a difficult fight.