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The Campaign Chronicle: Savage WARS - Pre-Session Four

The Campaign Chronicle is a regular blog series in which I publish my notes, thoughts, and plans for my tabletop role-playing games for which I am game mastering. These feature world-building notes, recaps of game sessions, and notes to keep in mind for future sessions. Enjoy!

This post will go over the notes I was keeping and maintaining between sessions three and four.

The Mumon Rift WARS

Pre-Session Four Notes

Session Three finished up with the group having completed two of my planned three encounters, and so I took the time to solidify the upcoming encounter with Tanumari Okuri and the Deigan soldiers. I went over story notes and ensured I could handle their social interaction, but I also knew that Tanumari Okuri - a Deigan officer willing to murder in order to preserve the honor and safety of her Kokata - wouldn't suffer the presence of the PCs for too long. Once it became clear they wouldn't leave without Trigger, then she would draw weapons and engage.

But I also wanted to make sure that I gave the PCs a fair shake. If I ended the social encounter too soon, characters like Samson and Haru may feel like they didn't have ample opportunity to flex their social muscles and deal with the situation. I want them to feel like the possibility of an alliance is there, it's just the antithesis of their current mission objectives.

Which doesn't mean it's a hard no, obviously. If they decide to ally with Okuri and let Trigger be killed, that's their prerogative. It would definitely create an enemy of the Gambler, and an uncooperative NPC of Dooley.

During the interim, however, I double-checked my map and the number of enemies I had for the next encounter, and then positioned a few Deigan soldiers to be ready to approach the players while they were busy repairing their damaged body armor. This combat encounter, as the finale for the story arc, was meant to be challenging, but still doable, for the group.

I had no idea, but I was going to be proven wrong.