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The Campaign Chronicle: Savage WARS - Session Four

The Campaign Chronicle is a regular blog series in which I publish my notes, thoughts, and plans for my tabletop role-playing games for which I am game mastering. These feature world-building notes, recaps of game sessions, and notes to keep in mind for future sessions. Enjoy!

This post will detail the events that occurred during Session Four of our game.

The Mumon Rift WARS

Session Four: 02.07.2017

Encountering Okuri Tanumari

While Samson worked on repairing the powered armor the group had found, the rest of the players elected to "sit and wait for him". I stressed that it would be a lengthy process, but they still decided to wait. I was triple-checking my tokens and the map, and deciding how exactly to instigate the upcoming (final) encounter of the scenario, and so I drew a card for the player of Slipheed and had him do a quick Interlude. He attempted to create a group charter, but his attempts were drowned out by various jokes and questions between the other players. I rushed through my token placement and decided to shelve his Interlude and pick it up at a different time.

Still working on the armor, I had the group get approached by five Gongen soldiers of the Deigan kokata. There was a tense moment between the players and the soldiers, before the soldiers brought most of the PCs to their leader - and their final boss for this scenario - Okuri Tanumari. I say most of the PCs because, for whatever reason, Samson and Riggs decided to stay behind.

The met with Okuri and her group of Gongen soldiers where they learned that Trigger had gotten his information from Deigan informants, and Tanumari and her squad had come to Ceres to silence all the informants and relieve Trigger of his intel. The players had a choice before them: allow Tanumari to take the intel, try to finish Trigger's deal with the Quay, or turn the intel over to the Gambler. The PCs opted for a mix between options two and three, which meant Tanumari and her soldiers would attack.

And that was where everything quickly went downhill for the PCs. They were surrounded and in relatively close quarters. Thanks to a couple of particularly bad rolls on the part of the PCs (Herbert the medic and Haru the ex-Gongen noble), and a couple of particularly good rolls on the part of Tanumari and her crew, both Herbert and Haru were incapacitated inside of three rounds.

Seeing his friends go down quickly, Slipheed retreated out of the main room, down a long corridor and back into a much larger chamber, letting the soldiers funnel in after him. While that was going on Samson and Riggs, now alerted by the sounds of gunfire, rushed down to Slipheed's aid, and the three of them dispatched the Gongen soldiers one by one.

The combat took the entirety of our play-time, and so we ended with Brute Squad Saark - Dooley's right-hand man - arriving just as the last Gongen was defeated, ready to assist the players in any way he could. About five rounds too late, as it turned out.

And it was this session that taught me that Savage Worlds Combat Ratings aren't 100% accurate, and that a couple of botched rolls vs a couple of exploding sixes can turn any CR into nothing more than a trivial number.