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Another Story Revisited, Another One Left Behind

Creatively speaking, my life took a small leap forward this last week. Feeling bad for having not embarked on any writing projects since we moved earlier this year, I decided to recover from this two-fold. First, I began laying the groundwork for a new horror novella, especially since Behind the Locked Door did so well in its first few days of release. I wrote the beats and got the pre-work established for this new book. Then, I followed it up with starting work on Season Two of Enter the NovelCast, including recording chapters for the new audiobook and starting a Patreon to help make it even better (you can find the Novelcast Patreon HERE).

But I wasn't prepared for the two opportunities that would come my way via social media nearing the end of the week last week, both of which will help spur along my career as a self-published author and game designer.

And then, a friend of mine and professional game designer Brady Sadler approached me with the opportunity to help develop and write the story for his recent kickstarter game, Street Masters. I eagerly agreed, and was soon trading emails with him, his brother and co-designer, and the people at Blacklist Games.

Shortly thereafter, a fellow science-fiction writer by the name of James Robert Crews Wylder approached me with his proposal for a science fiction anthology set in his original universe. He asked if I would want to contribute some short stories to the anthology, to which I also eagerly agreed, but warned him it may have to wait until mid-to-late July, as my plate was currently pretty full.

While all of these awesome opportunities are great for my career, it also means that some other projects will have to be delayed a bit. My new horror novella is most likely top of that list. Between the play I'm currently acting in, the NovelCast and its Patreon, and writing for Street Masters, it'll be a wonder if I ever get free time at home again. But these recent moments of potential success made me think back to my last big investment and how that turned out.

Astral Tides seemed like THE story for me. It had space, it had fantasy, it had pirates, and it was me finally penning the story behind the fictional character and crew that had lived in my head and in the digital world for so many years. It touched on so many levels and was ultimately supposed to be my big six-book series that would help push me into other worlds and other stories to tell. I had high hopes for it, like I do for all of my stories.

I'm not sure if it's the lukewarm reception from my closer friends, the single one star review it received, or the mild interest which still lingered around Cybersaurus, but over the years the notion that Astral Tides wasn't what my readers wanted slowly washed over me, despite it being what I wanted to write. The story a layered examination of the mental and emotional limits of varied crew of pirates, essentially a dysfunctional family. I have books one through three of the series of six finished and available, but now the arcs sit unresolved until I can regain the drive to revisit the story and finish out this part of Captain Daltir Stone's story.

Are my uncertainties misplaced? Am I reading the signals wrong? If anyone reading this has read and enjoyed the Astral Tides series, please let me know. Any feedback is better than no feedback, and so far that's mostly what I've gotten.

Until then, I've got plenty of new and exciting projects to keep me busy.