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10,000 Dawns: Poor Man's Iliad is available now!

2017 was an incredibly productive year for me - though not necessarily in terms of releasing fiction. But I accomplished more networking and freelancing in 2017 than I had in any year prior. And as of the 22nd of October, 2018, the fruits of some of that networking are finally available to the public.

Writer friend of mine James Wylder has created a compelling and layered science fiction universe with his book 10,000 Dawns, and in 2017 James reached out to me to see if I’d be willing to help fill out his upcoming anthology set in the world(s) of 10,000 Dawns.

I immediately accepted.


What followed was an experience in immersing myself in the universe of 10,000 Dawns, the future it proposed for the Solar System, and the stories that could spring forth from within. Despite it’s far-flung image of Humanity’s future, it encouraged stories that were, at their core, strikingly human, and this is what spoke to me the most. The strength of science-fiction is, and always has been (in my opinion), the way it can easily illustrate and present the very struggles that we deal with on a daily basis. The worlds are fantastic, but the characters are still us, our family and friends, the people we know and care about… and ARE. Science fiction has and always will be an incredibly important genre when it comes to story-telling - whether it’s marketable fiction or literature.

10,000 Dawns: Poor Man’s Iliad is the anthology of my short story, combined with the novels, novelettes, and other shorts of so many science-fiction authors, all writing in the same world and telling their stories. I am immensely proud of my own work that is featured within - Liberation Day - and I hope that you take the time to pick up a copy of Poor Man’s Iliad, on the Kindle or in paperback, and enjoy the myriad of tales it has to offer.