Round 10

Round 10 Second Edition: The Game For Everyone

It should be no surprise that, with the first edition of the Round 10 Role-Playing Game, my goal was to make a universal, streamlined system that could easily adapt to any play-style for your tabletop RPGs. Narrative-driven, mechanics-driven, dungeon-crawling or in-character role-playing, it was my goal to create a system that could do it all. And, despite some clunky side-mechanics and a shoe-horned adaptation or two, I think I achieved just that.

And now that I have that to start with, I'm able to more readily explore how to fine-tune it, what to introduce and what to take out, and how I can create the absolute best version of Round 10 possible for its Second Edition. That being the case, my priorities for Round 10 2E are shifted a bit from those of its premiere version.

Priority One: Accessible

Round 10 was accessible, undoubtedly. However, I aimed a bit too high, setting my sights on professionalism beyond the means, and time, I had to put into the project. This resulted in delays, fluctuating prices, and obvious tonal shifts within the core book itself.

With the Second Edition, I'm looking at RPG development from a more realistic perspective. My new, primary focus is on accessibility, not in the mechanics themselves (or rather, not only in the mechanics themselves), but in distribution. With the Second Edition, I plan to go entirely Free.

That's right. You will be able to get the best version of Round 10, digitally, at no cost to you.

This obviously means that there will be some notable changes from First Edition. Primarily, I plan the Core Book to be considerably smaller than its predecessor. There will be much less artwork to be shown (i.e. no artwork at all), and will only be available in digital PDF and eBook formats. It will be easy to obtain, easy to consume, and easy to play. Huzzah!

Priority Two: More Content

My plans, as mentioned before, for Round 10 1E were grander than my ability to deliver. I had multiple books planned, but the effort required to make a full, hardcover core book -- almost entirely on my own -- was so great that I was thoroughly exhausted by the time it was finished, and I had little desire to explore any of the supplements I had originally planned for.

I've already said that R10 2E will be a smaller Core Book, focusing only on the important, universal rules, and the bare bones needed to play the game. That means that all that other content that is being 'removed' will give me that much more of a headstart on supplemental books. Plus, since we're going the route of Free purchases/No Artwork, the books will rely solely on my ability to write them in a timely manner and get them to publish-ready quality. My wallet, and my players, will be thankful, I'm sure.

Yes, it sucks to not have the awesome art that I had commissioned in this new set of books, but that is a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Right now, I'd rather see the Gaming Store of this website filled with multiple books of value-added content, than one book. And I'm not ruling out the option for a combined hard cover book in the future, that takes all the best aspects of the Core Book and various supplements and brings them together in a single omnibus. It simply isn't on the docket quite yet.

So there we have it. What do you think? Are you as excited for the future of Round 10, now knowing these few details? Please let me know your thoughts, questions, comments and concerns!