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Preparing for Scaring 5: A Normal Day

Day Five is upon us! This series is really on the move!

As mentioned in Day Four's Post, I felt like each one was sort of turning out, more or less, like the one before it. So with this one I decided to start to go in a different direction. It's less spooky and creepy from the get-go and instead is paced differently. I hope to change up my style even more so in coming posts. But enjoy this quick read!

Preparing for Scaring, Writing

Preparing for Scaring 4: Something's Fishy...

Day Four of the Preparing for Scaring daily blog series is upon us! I fear I'm getting a bit formulaic, so my goal going forward is to change things up a bit and still keep them spooky. As always, any input is appreciated!

This one, much like Day Three's Post, had grander schemes than could be realized inside of 15 minutes, so your brain is left to wonder about where exactly I was going! MUAHAHAHAH! Anyways, enjoy!

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Preparing for Scaring: Into the Mountains!

Day Three of Preparing for Scaring, and this exercise brings us into the mountains in winter, at night, and beneath a blazing comet far above. Imagery undoubtedly inspired by my (somewhat) recent exposure to the game Kholat, but ultimately which I took and drew my own story from.

This 15 minute exercise used the symbols of a shooting star and the scales of justice. One of which is easily identified in the text, the other was one that I was approaching before my timer went off and I cut the work short. Will I ever finish it? Who knows? But for now, please enjoy this short read!

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Preparing for Scaring Two: More of the Unseen

Here we are! Day Two of my series on 15 minute exercises in writing for horror, suspense, and just plain spooky stories. Much like yesterday's post, this one is all about what isn't seen, and as always, I try to include some sort of turn in the last few lines. Just seems to be my style.

For those unaware, these exercises are all about setting the timer for 15 minutes, picking a random symbol (or symbols), and just writing within the theme. I don't stop writing for the entire 15 minutes, and I post on the blog whatever I end up writing, without editing, revising, or critiquing.

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Preparing for Scaring: Exercise One

So with Astral Tides behind me, for the time being, and a new project looming closer, I figured a good way to get back into the habit of writing every day, and in a tone and style that I haven't attempted on over a year, would be to do some simple writing exercises. Start with a symbol, set a timer for 15 minutes, and just write until I hear the buzzer go off.

And then I figure, hey, why not post those exercises on my blog for you all to see? Experience my prep work along with me. So I will post one exercise a day for you to read, if you like. Note that these exercises are literally just me typing as fast as I can along one train of thought for 15 minutes, without any editing, critiquing, or revising. With that said, I hope you enjoy my second delve into suspense and horror!