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Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Thoughts and Reflections

Last night my wife and I got a rare date night away from the kids, and so we decided to go and see a movie. And when Star Wars comes out, really, would you go see anything else?

Very little preamble needed here. We saw it, so here is my SPOILER-FREE thoughts on the film. Although, as this is the mid-part in the new trilogy, I will be discussing details from the first 30 minutes of the film, simply because if I devoid this article of any specifics, it'll be quite a boring read. Anybody who read my thoughts on The Force Awakens - and later on Rogue One - will likely have a good idea of what to expect from this article. But for those of you who haven't, or those of you who just like to read me ramble on, I'll pen them as well. There are enough new ideas in here to make it worth your time, I promise.

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Rogue One: Thoughts and Reflections

While it is difficult to get to the theater as often as we would like, my wife and I made sure we took the time to go and see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story when we could. It was the first film I've seen in theaters since Daredevil, as shortly thereafter my son was born and the regular rhythms of my life were thrown into a nearly constant state of change. However, now that things are finding their own routine once more, I can now provide you with a SPOILER FREE review of Rogue One. Enjoy!

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The Phantom Menace: Lump of Copper in the Rough

I have not made my distaste of the prequel films a secret to anyone. When I watched Star Wars: Episode One back in 1999, I loved it. There were some cringe-worthy moments, even that 12-year-old me noticed in my naive state, but overall I found it very entertaining, exciting, and fun. It wasn't until I got older, and I started to hear from others what I shouldn't like about it, and then I started to adopt the popular, hate-filled view of it.

Now, however, I've been thinking a lot about Star Wars: Episode One, and thanks to a podcast called The Star Wars Minute, I've come to realize that I don't hate The Phantom Menace. No, instead, it is actually my favorite of the prequels. Sure, there are some terrible moments in it. But there is a lot of good in it, too, a lot of moments and points that were so close to being exactly what we wanted and needed in a Star Wars film.

In this blog post, I am going to posit what I would do to The Phantom Menace to make it the true beginning of the saga that we all thought we deserved.

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Ignoring What We Don't Like: The Aliens & Jurassic World Belief

We live in an age of nostalgia. The people who are entering the entertainment industry now are those who grew up with a 'modern' entertainment industry. Film, television, animation, computer graphics, these were things that all of us in our 20's and 30's had - in a very modern way - as we were growing up. This means that, as we enter the entertainment industry, we try to create, and recreate, the things that are most important to us. This is primarily why we're seeing such a strong resurgence of old franchises. Jurassic ParkStar WarsAliensTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Transformers, just to name a few, are among the most popular franchises in our current age, and these same ones graced the small and silver screens decades ago when we were young and impressionable.

But how much leeway, and how much leniency, are we granted when handling these intellectual properties?

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Thoughts and Reflections


What can I say about Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Did it meet my expectations? Was I surprised at the plot twists and reveals? Am I excited for the eventual release of Episode VIII?

The short answer to all of these questions is yes. Though that answer bears different meaning for each one.