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10,000 Dawns: Poor Man's Iliad is available now!

2017 was an incredibly productive year for me - though not necessarily in terms of releasing fiction. But I accomplished more networking and freelancing in 2017 than I had in any year prior. And as of the 22nd of October, 2018, the fruits of some of that networking are finally available to the public.

Writer friend of mine James Wylder has created a compelling and layered science fiction universe with his book 10,000 Dawns, and in 2017 James reached out to me to see if I’d be willing to help fill out his upcoming anthology set in the world(s) of 10,000 Dawns.

I immediately accepted.


The Writing Parent: Work-Life Balance

I am a man who likes to stay busy, and what I deem as 'busy', I've heard a lot of other people refer to as 'too busy.' I work two jobs and have anywhere from two to seven different creative projects in the works at one time (at the time of writing this blog post, I am in the middle of editing one novella, about to start writing another, working on the game mechanics behind my own card game, as well as fine-tuning the mechanics of my second tabletop RPG), and I still get random ideas and thoughts pertaining to starting even mroe projects.

And on top of all of this, I am a husband and a father of two. All things I've listed here demand my attention, and all to varying degrees. I honestly cannot remember the last time I genuinely felt bored. I simply don't let myself get there.


Outsourcing the Blog: You Are Your Own Brand

With little Kory now home for over two weeks, and me getting back to my normal day jobs, I've been keeping an eye open on freelance writing opportunities online through various websites, and I see a lot for blog writers. It made me think: keeping a regular blog has always been difficult for me. Could I just outsource it? Hire other writers to do their own series or posts on the Experience Points blog? It would be easier for me, for sure.


eBook Pricing: The Kory Stories Strategy

Self-publishing is still a relatively new thing when compared to other forms of entertainment. Things like traditional publishing, film, television and video games have all been around for over the last thirty years, and the models for creating and selling these art forms is pretty solidly established. Every so often it gets turned on its head, such as with relatively newer programs like Netflix or Hulu or YouTube, but overall, we know what to expect from a $5 movie, a $15 movie, and a $25 movie.

Self-publishing doesn't have those same established norms, at least not widespread enough that anybody browsing Amazon's digital library will know what to look for.