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Alien: Covenant - Thoughts & Reflections

The last movie I got to before this was Star Wars: Rogue One (which you can read my thoughts about HERE), but when my friend offered to treat me to a late night viewing of Alien: Covenant simply to hear my thoughts on it, I agreed (not before clearing it with my wife first, of course). What follows here is a SPOILER-FREE review of the latest installment in the Alien franchise.

Preparing for Scaring, Writing, Featured

Novel Prep: Of Monsters, Madness and Mindscapes

So a full week of daily blog posts is now done, and the Preparing for Scaring series has come to a close. I hope you've enjoyed reading these short, daily posts in the strange and suspenseful. And if you missed them, then feel free to take a moment to page back and check each one out.

In case you're new to the blog, my next project is going to be a Horror novel, though which subgenre of Horror I'm as-of-yet not totally certain. I, personally, am a fan of a very particular kind of horror, or kinds. But are my readers? If I write this book, will it sell? Or will it, much like Cybersaurus and Astral Tides, just be a story I, once again, write because I want to write it, and not because it's what I think will appeal to the public?