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Why You Should Care About Overwatch

The reason I skipped my regularly scheduled Friday post was because it was BlizzCon weekend, and I was excitedly sitting in front of my television, enjoying the virtual ticket I had purchased, watching the Blizzard Entertainment convention that I had been salivating for over the past few weeks. Sure, I probably could've pulled myself away from the streaming videos of pro-Starcraft players to write up a quick post, but I didn't really feel like it.

At the head of the BlizzCon opening ceremonies, they dropped quite a bomb of an announcement. We were all expecting to hear about something new, something noteworthy. Some speculated it to be the next World of Warcraft expansion, some expected it to be something related to Starcraft or maybe even Diablo. Some, like me, expected a new intellectual property entirely.

Shortly after 11:00am Pacific Standard, we were given our first views of Blizzard's next universe, the newest world to stand beside those of WarcraftStarcraft and Diablo.

We were given Overwatch.