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eBook Pricing: The Kory Stories Strategy

Self-publishing is still a relatively new thing when compared to other forms of entertainment. Things like traditional publishing, film, television and video games have all been around for over the last thirty years, and the models for creating and selling these art forms is pretty solidly established. Every so often it gets turned on its head, such as with relatively newer programs like Netflix or Hulu or YouTube, but overall, we know what to expect from a $5 movie, a $15 movie, and a $25 movie.

Self-publishing doesn't have those same established norms, at least not widespread enough that anybody browsing Amazon's digital library will know what to look for.


2016 Plans and Goals

Horror is hard.

Specifically, writing horror is hard.

More specifically, writing horror for longer than 2,000 words is hard.

It's not my forte. It's a struggle and I end up spinning my wheels more than I actually get any work done. Am I making excuses? Probably. But I haven't wracked my brain so hard for so little return with any of my other books before.

Granted, there aren't many to choose from, but still.

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Preparing for Scaring 5: A Normal Day

Day Five is upon us! This series is really on the move!

As mentioned in Day Four's Post, I felt like each one was sort of turning out, more or less, like the one before it. So with this one I decided to start to go in a different direction. It's less spooky and creepy from the get-go and instead is paced differently. I hope to change up my style even more so in coming posts. But enjoy this quick read!

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Preparing for Scaring Two: More of the Unseen

Here we are! Day Two of my series on 15 minute exercises in writing for horror, suspense, and just plain spooky stories. Much like yesterday's post, this one is all about what isn't seen, and as always, I try to include some sort of turn in the last few lines. Just seems to be my style.

For those unaware, these exercises are all about setting the timer for 15 minutes, picking a random symbol (or symbols), and just writing within the theme. I don't stop writing for the entire 15 minutes, and I post on the blog whatever I end up writing, without editing, revising, or critiquing.