first edition

Round 10

Round 10 Second Edition: The Game For Everyone

It should be no surprise that, with the first edition of the Round 10 Role-Playing Game, my goal was to make a universal, streamlined system that could easily adapt to any play-style for your tabletop RPGs. Narrative-driven, mechanics-driven, dungeon-crawling or in-character role-playing, it was my goal to create a system that could do it all. And, despite some clunky side-mechanics and a shoe-horned adaptation or two, I think I achieved just that.

And now that I have that to start with, I'm able to more readily explore how to fine-tune it, what to introduce and what to take out, and how I can create the absolute best version of Round 10 possible for its Second Edition. That being the case, my priorities for Round 10 2E are shifted a bit from those of its premiere version.