Awaken the Beast!

The year is 2119. The United States is a country run by a mega-corporation known as One Nation. Humanity has survived a war against man-made artificial intelligence, has colonized the moon, and have been implementing cybernetic implants consistently for the last two generations. The Internet has become the ever-present Omninet, into which over 30% of the world's population is connected to at all times. It is a resource of immeasurable information, but it is also an invaluable tool for One Nation, allowing the company to monitor the activity of its citizens at all times. Every online purchase, every search engine, and every bank account passes through One Nation as it streams its way across the information super highway of the future.

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Regina was once the assistant to the incredibly talented, though socially declining, Dr. Harland Wolf. Yet when the day comes that Wolf's proprietors, the elusive and mysterious Investors, pull their funding and begin to requisition the doctor's technological equipment and extensive medical research, Regina finds herself suddenly without a job, on the streets and on the run in the city of New Washington, with only the fading, now digital consciousness of her dead husband, Stanley. In an attempt to save his mind from being lost forever, she hastily installs it into the most immediate host, hidden away in Dr. Wolf's labs - a 7-ton tyrannosaurus rex!

Now Regina has questions that are in need of answers; how did Dr. Wolf have a dinosaur hidden in his facility? Who are the Investors? Is Stanley even alive inside of the prehistoric predator? And finally, where does she go from here?