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Astral Tides Book Three: Eravice


Out in the Androssi asteroid belt, beyond the core planets of the Galacitc Council, at the very fringes of civilized space, the abandoned transport vessel Nereus floats in silent seclusion. Aboard it, three very distinct, yet very faint, heartbeats are the only signs of life on that cold, dead ship. Yet now, the smuggler and pirate vessel known as the Starstorm has arrived. The Nereus has been roused from its decade-long sleep, and the crew of the Starstorm will face the wrath of not only the Council and a skilled Huntmaster, but also the mysterious and deadly creatures that await them on board.

Captain Daltir Stone and his crew -- divided, beaten and worn thin -- are prepared to finish the job! Picking up immediately where The Huntmaster left off, Daltir, Merrill and the rest of the crew must sneak and fight their way through even more Council forces, crazed space-cults, and dangerous pirates to deliver the goods!

But ever since they've visited the Nereus, some members of the crew are experience strange dreams, visions of an abandoned world orbiting a red sun, of ancient ruins and alien voices, and amongst all the dreams, one thing remains clear: they are seeing the planet known as Uhmakhet.

What exactly is Uhmakhet? And why is it being showed to each of them? And will they finish this job with enough of a crew -- and ship -- to find out?

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astral eravice front.jpg

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ISBN# 978-1-68454-473-8

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File Size: 2.99 MB

Print Length: 235 Pages

Language: English

Publisher: Nicholas Kory, Kory Stories, 1st Edition (December 20th, 2016)

Copyright: Nicholas Kory, 2016