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Cybersaurus - Season One: The Awakening


This Double-Sized Book One hits the ground running with the thrilling story of a dinosaur in a dystopian cyberpunk future!

Earth. 2119.

The war with artificial intelligence has come and gone. The planet's fear of sentient, robotic life has never been higher, and security measures have been put into place to prevent such technology from ever existing again. As the European Union undergoes the largest reconstruction in history, the west recedes into itself as the mega-corporation One Nation takes control of the United States government, replacing congressmen with businessmen and the president's cabinet with an executive board of directors. The American people have split, with some finding a new sense of security beneath the control One Nation has brought, and with others seeing it only as a an iron-grip meant to limit the freedoms of the American people.

Regina Santos is a successful software engineer for the enigmatic Wolf Enterprises, working with her boss Dr. Harland Wolf to create technological improvements to natural biological processes. Their work has helped to advance medical science by decades, and they are among the top minds in the field. When her husband, Stanley Mason, died years ago, Dr. Wolf assisted her in secret to preserve the man's conscious mind onto a digital data-bank. Stanley's quiet, dormant mind now sits in the basement of Wolf's facility, waiting for the day when they can perfect the process to transfer his mind back into a viable body.

Yet when the mysterious and shrouded Investors pull their funding from Wolf Enterprises, Regina races frantically to find a suitable body for her husband's mind, moving against time itself as his digital consciousness fades away into nothing. React immediately, she installs it on the nearest dormant host she could find.

A cybernetically enhanced tyrannosaurus rex.

Now Regina is on the run from Harland, the Investors, and the law as her husband's brain is trapped inside the body of a rampaging six-ton prehistoric predator. But is there any piece of him left in there?

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Cybersaurus -Season One: The Awakening collects The Awakening Episodes One through Six into a single, novel-length book.

ISBN# 978-1-63443-554-3

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Print Length: 410 Pages

Language: English

Publisher: Nicholas Kory, Kory Stories, 1st Edition (October 14th, 2014)

Copyright: Nicholas Kory, 2014