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Behind the Locked Door


Late 1880's. American southwest. 

Jack Carver is dead. The farmer's mysterious collapse at the edges of his field leaves his wife and oldest son with a lot of work and a lot of questions. Gordon sends a letter to his younger brother, Ebby, requesting he return from his 'spiritual pilgrimage' to help get their mom back on her feet and the farm back underway for the harvest. Ebby arrives on the next available train, and the two of them ride into the sunset towards the Carver farmstead. 

But they're stopped by the farmhand of the neighboring Beckett lands. Panicked and asking for help, the farmhand leads them to the Beckett farmhouse where young Lori Beckett is found sleep-walking into the fields as the moon is on the rise. 

Ebby and Gordon are soon after thrust into an evening of questions, secrets, and an ever-increasing mystery. Slowly they realize that seeing the sunlight again will turn into a fight for their sanity, and their lives. 

But will they survive the secrets waiting for them BEHIND THE LOCKED DOOR?

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