Arkham Horror LCG

Mythos Bonus 4: GenCon Recap

Sean, Ian, and Nick are joined by guests and friends Brandon, Brian, and Casey as they look back at their escapades during GenCon 2018!

Special thanks to Andre Fairweather and Heidi Blair.

Games Discussed:

  • Keyforge - The new competitive card game from Fantasy Flight Games. (
  • Evolution: Oceans - A new standalone product using the Evolution system. (
  • Merlin - A competitive Euro about controlling the kingdom. (
  • Sorcerer - A new title from White Wizard Games. (
  • Mutated - Hidden Traitor card game that plays in 20 minutes. (
  • Estates - Competitive bidding and building board game. (
  • Arkham Horror Third Edition - Board Game meets Card Game in the newest installment of the FFG classic. (
  • Decrypto - Team vs. Team clue-giving word association game. (
  • The Wizard's Quest - The new scenario for the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game. (
  • Lord of the Rings: The Living Card Game - The new digital adaptation from FFG. (
  • Jurassic Park: Danger! - One vs Many escape the island board game! (
  • Nyctophobia - A "hidden" movement game where four of the players can only interact with the board through feel. (
  • Last Friday - A One v Many hidden movement game about escaping from summer camp alive. (
  • Seal Team Flix - Save the hostages and flick your bullets across the table in this tactical dexterity game. (
  • Catacombs & Castles - Like Seal Team Flix, but cartoony and a fantasy dungeon crawl. (
  • Hail Hydra - The hidden traitor game that adds a few extra layers to the Resistance model and is based on the Marvel universe. (
  • Space Park - Retro vacationing in SPACE! (
  • Squadro - More interesting than it sounds. And looks. Hopefully. (
  • Sweet Jenny - I don't know, it looked interesting. (
  • Tofu Kingdom - WHERE'S THE PRINCESS? (

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