Podcasts from Nicholas Kory

Enter the NovelCast

With Enter the NovelCast, Nicholas Kory takes his love of storytelling to a new level. By subscribing to Enter the NovelCast, you will receive a new chapter in an audiobook every Monday morning. Written and narrated by Nicholas Kory, Enter the NovelCast is delivered in seasons, and starts off with an otherwise unpublished sci-fi/suspense novella in Season One!

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The Weekend Warrior Perspective


The Weekend Warriors - a group of friends who get together once every couple of months for an entire weekend of tabletop gaming exploits - come together and record their thoughts and experiences with the various games they have played, as well as the ones they want to play in the future.

Mythos Busters & The Miskatonic AV Club

Fantasy Flight Games has released a brand new Living Card Game centered around their take of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos, collectively known as the Arkham FilesMythos Busters joins hosts Sean, Ian, Tom and Nick as they discuss Arkham Horror: The Card Game and share exciting gaming exploits of their own during the show's Tentacle Time.

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Also, if you like individual card reviews by some and/or all of the Mythos Busters crew, then be sure to check out the Miskatonic AV Club! In this series, Sean, Scott and Ian get together and share their thoughts and opinions around the player cards released for the game (and are occasionally joined by a secret surprise guest!). Click the image above and to the right to be brought to the RSS feed for The Miskatonic AV Club and catch up on their card reviews! (RSS feed coming soon).