Podcasts from Nicholas Kory

Mythos Busters

Join Nicholas Kory and other hosts Sean, Ian, and Scott as they sit down and discuss FFG’s Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Every two weeks they approach the game with a new topic, discuss organizing the game’s online community, and hosting or joining various exciting events!

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The Miskatonic AV Club

Join Mythos Buster host Scott as he joins with a rotating cast of guest-hosts during their in-depth discussion of the cards of Arkham Horror: The Card Game one card at a time. Fellow Mythos Busters and friends in the community all come together to say which cards are great, which ones are bad, and which ones they forget exist.

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The Myrris Podcast

Coming Soon!

Join Nicholas Kory as he starts the discussion and analysis of his most ambitious tabletop project to date - a massive online role-playing campaign in a singular, living world and with a rotating cast of characters. If you’re interested in discussion on collaborative world-building, Dungeon Mastering, community management, or the West Marches format of gaming, then look no further!

Enter the NovelCast

A two-season podcast in which Nicholas Kory narrates his books as audiobooks, one chapter/episode at a time. Click the links below to be taken to the completed audiobooks, and stay tuned for upcoming seasons in the future!

Season One - The Visitors

Season Two - Cybersaurus