Round 10 is a tabletop Role-Playing Game Engine that was designed with two very simple goals in mind: 1.) To create a tabletop game that anybody, from rookie gamers to experienced veterans, can enjoy, and 2.) To create a tabletop game that isn’t limited to one play-style or genre.

With Round 10 you and your gaming group can experience the magic-wielding, arrow-slinging adventures of high-fantasy gaming one week, and then trade in your Elves and Dwarves for mobsters and crime lords in a 1920’s gangster session the next week. The Core Rulebook provides the basics, the simple information on how to use this system, and then what you do with it is up to you. The only limitations to Round 10 gaming are the ones you put forth. Play the game you want to play!

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The System

Round 10 was built from the ground up to be the most simple, the most streamlined, and the most adaptable system it could be. It accomplishes this in multiple ways, such as:

  • Fewer Attributes: Four Primary and Five Secondary Attributes form the groundwork for your character, providing a clear idea of his or her capabilities while also leaving a lot open to interpretation from the player.
  • Percentage System: All tests are accomplished on a percentage system, and the target numbers for those tests are listed directly on the Character Sheet. Players know at a glance how likely they are to perform various actions without having to reference the rules or ask the GM for help.
  • Seamless Combat: Clearly defined rounds and action sequences make getting into and out of combat quick and painless, making it blend perfectly with the narrative while still retaining a fast-paced feel.
  • Streamlined Character Generation & Advancement: Spend your Experience Points to directly advance your character’s Attributes, Skills and Abilities. Eliminating levels allows for a dynamic, constantly changing character.

The Product

Get started with the Round 10 Quick Start Guide, a free download right here on the website! Learn the basics of the system and play through an introductory adventure with up to six friends, all at no cost to you. Then, if you like what you see, pick up the Round 10 Core Rulebook from RPGNow!

The Round 10 Core Rulebook features everything you need to play the games you want to play! Learn the basics of tabletop RPGs, and how to create a character and how to play in the Round 10 system. After you learn the rules in record time, use the Core Book’s reference guides to start creating the setting and story you want, including high-fantasy, science fiction, modern horror, superhero fantasy, western, historical and so much more! The capabilities of the Round 10 Core Rulebook is limited only by your imagination.

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While it started out as an ambitious solo-project, the Round 10 RPG System has expanded and progressed so much since its conception in late 2011/early 2012. This game system, and Round 10 as a brand, couldn't have gotten to where it is today without the help of the following, wonderful people.

Creator/Writer: Nicholas Kory

Co-Developer: Sean Switajewski

Illustrator: Ramon Bunge

Editing: Sary Switajewski & Sean Switajewski

Logo Design: Lehronne Webb

Title Art: Agus Prakosa

Initial Website Design: Jack Berberette

Testers: Thomas Bockman, Jon Christopherson, Mark Christopherson, Zero Esgate, Evan Hall, Antonio Ianetta, Steven James, Jessica Johnson, Ann Jordan, Kip Peterson, Nicole Rothleutner, Nitasha Sanders, Daniel Steadman, Anton Switajewski, Sary Switajewski, Sean Switajewski, Dona Trenkenschuh, Marissa Van Vleet.