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Round 10 is the accessible, streamlined way to play any type of tabletop role-playing game without learning a new system! Thanks to Round 10's easy-to-learn and fun-to-play format, you and your gaming group can explore the endless forests of a fantasy world one week, chart the vast reaches of space the next, solve a crime in modern-day New York City after that, and everything in between.

Round 10 doesn't force you to play its game. Round 10 plays your games.

All of them.

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The Round 10 RPG System provides players and game masters with...

  • A genre-less, setting-less system that can be easily adapted to high fantasy, low fantasy, space fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, horror, action, and much more!
  • The Basic Round 10 rules to get you started immediately! Use percentages to determine charatcer skill and capabilities, and use the Advantage die to determine where you strike your opponent in combat.
  • The Advanced Round 10 rules for those who want more depth to their Role-Playing! Various ways to manage character advancement. Dynamic combat with active Defense tests, Advantage rolls, and Flourishes. Additional Abilities and Penalties, and Skill Ranks that allow players to advance higher than before!
  • Take the fight into space! In-depth, easy-to-understand rules for combat in multiple arenas, with multiple options. Social combat, vehicular combat, naval combat, space combat, and even mass combat are all covered with the detail you need to run, and play, these exciting situations easily!
  • Extensive and totally freeform system for magic, superpowers, supernatural abilities and cosmic influences with the Round 10Powers section!
  • Information on over 50 different enemies and 100 different weapons and armor, across many settings!
  • Extensive tips and tools for Game Masters, whether you're new to Round 10, or to Role-Playing Games entirely!

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