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Captain Daltir Stone and his crew are in a tough spot; with the deaths of Council agents on their hands and a wounded officer, their forced to take stock of their current situation and decide what to do. Do they press on, or do that throw in the towel?

While the crew of the Starstorm discuss options in the Varrous system, Captain Cordo of the Council Security Forces calls in a new threat to help him track down Stone and bring in Sebastian Crell once and for all. Huntmaster Lizreah, a member of the elite class of Council special forces, is brought on by Cordo to put an end to the Starstorm's flight from justice, and to procure Crell's mysterious datapad once and for all!

Picking up exactly where the REVISED EDITION of ASTRAL TIDES: RIMWARD left off, THE HUNTMASTER continues the exciting story of Daltir Stone, Merrill Rynn, Thad Vanorin and the rest of the crew as they attempt to get to the Androssi Belt and secure their cargo!

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astral tides huntsmaster front.jpg